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BeeKonnected Vs. Facebook Business Suite: Discover The Difference Of Being Seen

I joined the Facebook business suite when I decided to start my own business. However, my business didn’t thrive. It never reached its full potential, as my content was frequently censored and made unavailable. It was incredibly frustrating. My content was censored so often that I eventually had to give up on posting for my business. It continued to get worse, with hackers and scammers locking real people out of their accounts. It made growing my business impossible. 

Fortunately, I found a new site, BeeKonnected!

It’s impossible to compare Facebook Business Suite to BeeKonnected. BeeKonnected is a brilliant business platform with a social component. I can post for my business without being censored, scammed, hacked, or shut down. Today, I made real connections and read about new business activities that will help my business and me continue to flourish.  I can easily switch from reading the Feed, the daily post area, to reading updates in the groups I have joined, or go to the Konnection Generator to see the new like-minded members suggested for me based on my personalized target market selections. The user interface is so simple, too!  I love that I can easily scroll through the Live Shows offered, and with a simple click, I can register and attend.

Business IS the heart of the BeeKonnected platform, made by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Facebook Business Suite seems like just an afterthought add-on service from a platform that wasn’t made for business professionals. With BeeKonnected, I can make my business flourish with more sales and real connections and post my content without worry that it’ll be constantly taken down. I said it before, and I’ll say it again… BeeKonnected is brilliant!

Discover the BeeKonnected difference for yourself. Sign up for a free account and connect with thousands of like-minded professionals today.

Written by Aanya L’anett, BeeKonnected Member

Unlocking A Professional Platform: The Free Features of BeeKonnected Membership

In the modern business landscape, networking and advanced online tools are essential. BeeKonnected stands out by offering a platform rich with features for professional growth, and its complimentary membership option is catching the attention of many.

BeeKonnected's free membership allows professionals to establish a detailed profile, akin to a digital business card, to showcase their expertise and business goals. This profile is visible to a global network, fostering connections without limitations. BeeKonnected’s chat messaging feature enables unlimited professional interaction without the constraints of algorithms, ensuring your communications reach their intended audience.

The platform also includes free video conferencing, which is indispensable for today's remote communication needs. Members can host 90-minute virtual meetings, allowing for in-depth discussions, pitches, or collaborative efforts without time constraints.

For targeted networking, BeeKonnected offers an AI-powered  Konnection Generator that pairs you with members with similar interests and goals, effectively acting as a 24/7 networking assistant.

Free users can also engage with groups that resonate with their business niche, offering a space to exchange knowledge and experiences and explore collaborative ventures.

While BeeKonnected provides a comprehensive free membership, advanced features are available through premium tiers for those looking to enhance their business capabilities further. Additionally, a referral program is in place, rewarding free members for inviting new users, thereby expanding their network and unlocking even more features.

Overall, BeeKonnected's free tier is a powerful resource for professionals eager to broaden their network without initial financial commitment. It presents a strong foundation for professional development, offering a range of tools for learning, connecting, and sharing within a diverse community.

Discover the BeeKonnected difference for yourself. Sign up for a free account and connect with thousands of like-minded professionals today.

Written by Eliza Boné, BeeKonnected Member

Discover BeeKonnected's Affiliate Revolution

BeeKonnected combines six essential features: video conferencing, customizable content, an AI-based Konnection Generator, streaming capabilities, a dynamic newsfeed, and interactive groups that build a strong sense of community among members. What truly sets BeeKonnected apart is the extraordinary opportunity it offers for affiliate income. Affiliates can earn commissions on two levels and receive matching bonus checks.

Membership is affordable for entrepreneurs at all stages. BeeKonnected rewards members for participating, effectively paying them to be part of the community as they expand their businesses and global connections. Comparing BeeKonnected’s affiliate program to others presents a challenge because the most commonly used platforms, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Zoom, don't provide users with an affiliate commission for their usage.

Many platforms limit the content posted from reaching the entire audience with their complicated, hidden algorithms. In contrast, BeeKonnected offers all these essential elements in one cohesive platform and rewards users for participating. By providing a platform where users can connect, share content, and earn commissions, BeeKonnected is a game-changer for business social networking and affiliate marketing. 

BeeKonnected isn't just another social media platform—it's a pathway to prosperity. Seize the opportunity to earn while you grow your business with BeeKonnected. Sign up for a free account and connect with thousands of like-minded professionals today.

Three Ways BeeKonnected Platinum Membership Can Boost Your Income

BeeKonnected’s Platinum Membership has several unique features that give you an edge in the business world to increase your income. This membership level will change the way you think about doing business online. To maximize your Premium Membership, there are three key components to take advantage of: increasing your reach, selling more products and services, and receiving affiliate income.

#1 Meeting/Webinar Features

#2 Call-To-Action Buttons

#3 Affiliate Partnership

Each component will allow you to monetize your following in new ways. The meeting and webinar room features allow you to customize your rooms with sidebar links to your products and offers that potential customers can click live and in the replay. This adds up to more business exposure and increased sales. 

The Affiliate Partnership opportunity allows you to share BeeKonnected with friends, colleagues, and customers by inviting them to the platform. This is a WIN/WIN for everyone. You get rewarded financially for each new paid member, while at the same time, you are helping others build their businesses. 

These days, business owners need allies, several streams of income, and a solid foundation. BeeKonnected Platinum Membership offers all of this and more for your business. Share BeeKonnected today with your affiliate link and start getting the most out of your Platinum Membership!

Written by Angela Sidlo, BeeKonnected Member

Discover How BeeKonnected’s Platinum Membership Makes Your Business Stand Out

Let’s talk about how you can make your business stand out and ultimately make more sales with BeeKonnected’s Platinum Membership. With BeeKonnected Platinum Membership, your business gets a much bigger reach. It’s all right here in one place—the perfect business social networking platform for you to grow your following and increase your sales. No more hopping to various platforms to run your business. 

Platinum Membership Features:  

  • Up to 3,000 Webinar attendees

  • Unlimited Meeting duration

  • 100 GB Cloud Storage

  • Stream to five platforms

  • Easy Instant Replay Links

  • Interactive Call-to-Action banners

  • Replays with “HOT” Button Links

  • Social Media Posting & Groups

  • Lead Generation

  • Affiliate Partnership

Whether you are a small startup business or an influencer with 100K+ followers, BeeKonnected Platinum Membership has you covered. The affiliate partnership can monetize your following, making it even more profitable to go Platinum. 

Imagine how much you’ve been spending on other platforms just to piece your business together. Now envision yourself saving hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars annually and getting rewarded for being a Platinum Member!

Don’t waste more time and money using multiple platforms to run your business. Get BeeKonnected’s Platinum Membership and run your business like a Pro! Bee Seen, Bee Heard, BeeKonnected. Sign up for a Premium account and connect with thousands of like-minded professionals today.

Written by Angela Sidlo, BeeKonnected Member

Unlocking BeeKonnected: Targeted Networking Power With The Konnection Generator

Are you tired of sifting through endless lists of irrelevant contacts or reaching out to networking groups only to be bombarded with spammy sales pitches? Say goodbye to wasted time and money and hello to BeeKonnected's revolutionary AI-boosted Konnection Generator.

Unlike other business networking tools, BeeKonnected's cutting-edge AI Konnection Generator empowers you to have total control and precision in your networking efforts. Gone are the days of settling for fruitless, cold leads. With BeeKonnected, you get to choose your search parameters, ensuring that every connection you make is of the greatest relevance and quality.

BeeKonnected offers a wide variety of search features, allowing you to tailor your networking efforts to your exact target market—including who gets to see you and your business. Whether you want to connect with professionals in a specific industry, geographical area, or with particular interests, BeeKonnected's Konnection Generator puts the power in your hands.

You can finally be seen by and connect with the right individuals, professionals, and businesses. BeeKonnected’s AI-driven Konnection Generator streamlines the networking process, saving you valuable time and resources. No more wasted hours on profitless endeavors or your inbox cluttered with endless spam emails attempting to sell you the next, best everything.

Experience the difference with BeeKonnected's Konnection Generator and revolutionize how you make business connections. Join us and start reshaping your networking landscape, one targeted connection at a time. Sign up for a free account and connect with thousands of like-minded professionals today.

Written by Dr. Sundara Delphini, BeeKonnected Member

Three Tips On How To Create A Profitable BeeKonnected Profile

Your profile is a great way to showcase who you are and how you can help people. Here are three tips to help you maximize your BeeKonnected profile.

#1 Professional Profile Picture 

Choose a high-quality profile picture that effectively represents your brand and professional identity. Ensure good lighting, a transparent background, and a friendly expression to create a positive first impression. When you’re ready to upload, ensure your photo is the proper size and resolution, 500 x 500 works best.

#2 Compelling Bio

In your BeeKonnected Business Profile, craft a compelling bio highlighting your expertise, accomplishments, and unique qualities. Use concise language and keywords relevant to your industry to capture attention and communicate your value proposition effectively.

#3 Showcase Achievements and Personality 

You can use your BeeKonnected public profile to showcase your achievements, projects, and personality by posting photos and videos on your page. You can also get member reviews and share relevant work samples, testimonials, and awards directly on your public profile to demonstrate your credibility and expertise. Inject personality into your profile by sharing hobbies, interests, or fun facts to make a memorable impression and foster lasting connections.

BeeKonnected’s profile features make it possible for you to connect with the right audience and monetize your following. Discover the BeeKonnected difference for yourself. Sign up for a free account and connect with thousands of like-minded professionals today.

Written by Jill Angie, BeeKonnected Member

How To Make More Sales By Making Better Connections Online

Engaging with individuals with a genuine interest in your subject matter means more sales, but how do you attract those billions of people on social media? Here are three tips to direct your efforts so you can attract the people who want your help:

#1 Optimize Your Profile 

Your profile is the first impression you make with potential new clients. BeeKonnected’s profile setup helps you to ensure it's complete, professional, and optimized by showing a completion progress percentage. This allows you to reflect your brand and professional identity. You can also upload a clear and professional profile picture that compels people to want to know you. You can even write a compelling bio highlighting your expertise and interests, including relevant keywords for discoverability.

#2 Engage Authentically 

The BeeKonnected feed is a great way to engage with other users' content thoughtfully and authentically. Like, comment, and share relevant posts to show your interest and support. Personalize your interactions by addressing people by name and adding value to conversations with insightful comments or questions.

#3 Join Groups and Communities

BeeKonnected makes creating, joining, and participating in relevant groups simple. You can find professionals in your industry or niche to gather to discuss topics, share insights, and network. You can share your expertise, offer advice, and help others solve problems. Engaging with group members, asking questions, and initiating conversations will help you build trust and loyalty with new clients while maintaining excellent relationships with current and past clients, leading to more sales.

BeeKonnected makes connecting with the right audience for online educators simple, with the ability to create tailored content and marketing strategies that foster trust and drive enrollment. This engagement encourages active participation and cultivates a community of advocates, leading to scalable growth for your business in the digital learning landscape.

Discover the BeeKonnected difference for yourself. Sign up for a free account and connect with thousands of like-minded professionals today.

Written by Jill Angie, BeeKonnected Member

Best Impressions with BeeKonnected's Virtual Conferencing Platform

In the era of remote work and digital communication, online meetings have become integral to business operations. BeeKonnected's virtual meeting and webinar platform offers innovative features designed to improve your virtual experience, making it the best choice for businesses looking to streamline their online communication.

Interactive Webinars:
Engage your audience with interactive webinars that feature live chat, polls, and Q&A sessions hosted on BeeKonnected. The platform allows you to create a dynamic and engaging virtual environment for your participants.

Best Impressions:

The BeeKonnected platform supports screen sharing, document sharing, and multimedia content, empowering you to convey your ideas effectively, build trust, and impress your audience.

Boost Teamwork:

BeeKonnected's collaboration tools enable real-time participant collaboration, fostering creativity and productivity. Whether brainstorming ideas, conducting training sessions, or hosting team meetings, BeeKonnected provides the tools to work together effectively online.

Cost-effective Solution:

BeeKonnected offers a money-saving solution for hosting online meetings and webinars, eliminating the need for expensive software and equipment. This allows businesses of all sizes to conduct first-class online meetings without breaking the bank.

With interactive features, professional presentation abilities, collaboration tools, and money-saving solutions, BeeKonnected empowers you to create impactful and engaging online meetings that drive success. Discover the BeeKonnected difference for yourself. Sign up for a free account and connect with thousands of like-minded professionals today.

Written by Jen Madden, BeeKonnected Member

Unlocking BeeKonnected: Discover The Platform That Makes Life Coaching Simpler

Starting a life coaching business is an exciting journey fueled by the desire to help others and the freedom to connect virtually. However, it can be overwhelming due to the multitude of tools available that lead to overspending on unnecessary resources. Here's how BeeKonnected’s tools will simplify your coaching practice.

Customizable Content Creation:

BeeKonnected offers customizable content posting, including course creation, where you can choose font, color, photos, and videos all in one place. These tools help you showcase your expertise and connect with your target audience without breaking the bank.

Integration with Stripe Merchant Accounts:

Thanks to its seamless integration with Stripe Merchant Accounts, Life Coaches can sell premium content on BeeKonnected and offer their clients a simple and secure payment method on the same platform.

Virtual Meetings, Webinars, and Summits:

BeeKonnected offers high-quality audio and video capabilities. You can customize your online meeting rooms to create a smooth and interactive coaching experience, putting clients at ease.

Starting a life coaching business can be fulfilling when equipped with the right tools. Discover the BeeKonnected difference for yourself. Sign up for a free account and connect with thousands of like-minded professionals today. Happy coaching!

Written by Jen Madden, BeeKonnected Member

The BEST All-in-One Platform for Life Coaching Businesses

For life coaches aiming to grow their client base, BeeKonnected is a game-changing platform for professionals to make meaningful connections and collaborations. Here are four reasons BeeKonnected is the best platform to gain new clients for your life coaching business.

#1 Target Market Networking

BeeKonnected's Konnection Generator uses customizable AI to help life coaches find potential new clients within their niche effortlessly.

#2 Expand Your Reach

BeeKonnected enables you to reach a wider audience by freeing content from algorithm restrictions, allowing you to showcase your expertise with valuable content. This increased visibility can lead to more inquiries, referrals, and, ultimately, more clients.

#3 Access to Resources and Opportunities

BeeKonnected has an extensive network of coaching-specific resources, including webinars and workshops on your dashboard. Simplifying participation in these events with the click of a button allows you to stay updated on industry trends, expand your knowledge, and discover new opportunities.

#4 Cost-effective Marketing

BeeKonnected offers a budget-friendly marketing solution. You can promote your services, host webinars, and summits, and connect with new clients while saving money you would’ve spent on additional marketing resources. BeeKonnected’s simple and customizable target market approach ensures your efforts reach the right audience and maximize your ROI.

As you can see, BeeKonnected has various tools, making it the best networking platform for life coaches seeking to gain more new clients, build meaningful relationships, and grow their businesses. Don't wait! Discover the BeeKonnected difference for yourself. Sign up for a free account and connect with thousands of like-minded professionals today.

Unlocking BeeKonnected: Create A Premium Course

Creating and selling online courses is a fantastic way to share your knowledge and expertise while generating a substantial income stream. With the Premium Content package from BeeKonnected, you have everything you need to design, launch, and profit from your courses. Here’s how you can maximize the benefits of this package to create and sell a successful online course.

Leverage Seamless Integration:
One of the standout features of the Premium Content package is its seamless integration with other key functionalities like video conferencing and groups. This integration allows you to create a holistic learning environment where your course can include live sessions, interactive webinars, and dedicated discussion groups. This interconnected setup enhances the learning experience and keeps your students engaged.

Benefit from Custom Branding:
Your course should reflect your brand, and with the Premium Content package, you can customize your course pages with your photos, colors, and live links. This custom branding helps create a professional appearance that aligns with your business identity, instilling trust and consistency in your course offerings.

Utilize Effective Replays:
Unlike platforms where webinar replays are just static videos, BeeKonnected ensures that replays have live links and call-to-action buttons that are still active. This means that even those who watch the replays can interact as if they were attending the live session, making your course more dynamic and engaging.

No Commission Fees:
One of the most significant advantages of selling your course through BeeKonnected is that you keep all the revenue generated from your sales. Unlike other platforms that take a cut from your earnings, BeeKonnected allows you to enjoy the full financial benefits of your hard work.

Bundle Courses for Added Value:
With the ability to bundle two or more premium content pieces together, you can offer more value to your students. This could be a series of courses or a combination of a course and complementary workshops or webinars. Bundling is a great strategy to increase enrollment, giving customers more reasons to purchase.

Make Your Courses Accessible:
The platform’s P3 System ensures that all your course materials, from webinars to downloadable content, are linked to whoever invited the participant, making it easier to track referrals and maintain connections with your students.

Promote Your Course Effectively:
Take advantage of the social posting features within the Premium Content package. All BeeKonnected members can see your course announcements and updates, ensuring maximum visibility. Use this feature to keep your audience informed and engaged with regular updates and teasers about your course content.

Creating and selling a course with BeeKonnected’s Premium Content package simplifies the technical side of course creation and provides powerful tools to ensure its success. From marketing to monetization, you have all the resources to make your educational product a hit. Discover the BeeKonnected difference for yourself. Sign up for a free account and connect with thousands of like-minded professionals today.

Written by Debbie Prediger, Certified BeeKonnected Coach

Get The Most Out Of Your Pro Membership Plan

As a seasoned user of various business networking platforms, I've found my Pro Membership at BeeKonnected to be a significant game-changer in how I manage my online interactions and grow my professional network. Here are the aspects of the Pro plan that I truly appreciate and believe set it apart from competitors:

Enhanced Virtual Meeting Capabilities:
The ability to host meetings with up to 250 attendees has been invaluable. This feature allows me to conduct large-scale webinars and team meetings without additional software. The quality and reliability of these virtual meeting rooms ensure that every session runs smoothly, which is crucial for maintaining professionalism and engagement.

Visibility of Social Posts:
Unlike other platforms where algorithms might bury your content, BeeKonnected ensures my posts are visible to all members. This has dramatically increased my reach and helped me establish a more substantial presence within the community. It’s refreshing that my entire network sees my efforts to share insights and updates.

Advanced AI-driven Search:
The AI-powered search functionality is a standout feature. It allows me to pinpoint leads by specific criteria such as location, company size, or category. This targeted approach helps me connect with exactly the right people, making my networking efforts more strategic and fruitful.

Public and Private Groups:
I love the flexibility of creating both public and private groups. This allows me to tailor my interactions and ensure that discussions are relevant and beneficial to group members. The 100% visibility in these groups means high engagement, fostering a more vibrant and interactive community.

Comprehensive Support and Resources:
The support provided with the Pro Membership goes beyond what I’ve experienced elsewhere. Having a dedicated BK expert and access to an extensive range of tutorials empowers me to use the platform to its fullest potential. Whether I’m troubleshooting an issue or looking to optimize my use of the platform, help is always at hand.

In essence, BeeKonnected's Pro Membership is not just a tool but a comprehensive solution for business growth and networking. The seamless integration of various features under one roof makes it an exceptional value for professionals looking to expand their reach and impact in their respective fields. Discover the BeeKonnected difference for yourself. Sign up for a free account and connect with thousands of like-minded professionals today.

Written by Debbie Prediger, Certified BeeKonnected Coach

Understanding the Different Group Types on Beekonnected: Public, Private, and Premium

Navigating through BeeKonnected’s various group offerings can enhance your networking experience. Each type of group serves a different purpose and suits multiple needs. Here’s what you need to know about the public, private, and premium groups available on the platform.

Public Groups:
These are open to all members of the BeeKonnected community. Public groups allow for easy entry and the broadest networking possibilities. They are ideal for those looking to expand their connections and engage in discussions on general topics. Anyone can join a public group without an invitation, making it a great starting point for new members.

Private Group:
Designed for more focused interactions, private groups require an invitation or approval from the group admin to join. This exclusivity ensures that discussions are more relevant and secure, catering to specific interests or industries. Private groups are perfect for members seeking to build deeper, more meaningful connections within a controlled environment.

Premium Groups:
These are exclusive and often require a membership fee or meet specific criteria set by the group’s creator. Premium groups offer specialized content, more direct access to industry leaders, and unique networking opportunities not available in public or private groups. They are suited for professionals investing in high-quality connections and advanced insights.

Each group type on BeeKonnected has unique advantages, depending on your networking goals and preferences. By choosing the right group type, you can tailor your networking experience to be as broad or as niche as you desire.

Discover the BeeKonnected difference for yourself. Sign up for a free account and connect with thousands of like-minded professionals today.

Written by Debbie Prediger, Certified BeeKonnected Coach

Unlocking BeeKonnected: Private One-On-One Chats With Konnections

In professional networking, the ability to forge meaningful connections is crucial. The private one-on-one chats feature within the BeeKonnected platform is designed to enhance these opportunities by allowing users to request new connections tailored to their professional interests and goals. Once a connection is established, participants can engage in private one-on-one conversations that are not only secure but are also enriched with functionalities that cater to comprehensive professional interactions.

This unique feature enables users to share important files, PDF documents, images, and links, ensuring that all necessary resources are readily available within the conversation. Such capabilities allow for a seamless exchange of information, fostering a more efficient and effective networking experience.

Moreover, private one-on-one chats go beyond text-based interactions. The platform includes an option to initiate calls within a customized meeting room, enhancing the conversation with a personal touch. This virtual meeting space is designed to reflect the professional branding of the BeeKonnected platform, providing a consistent and engaging user experience.

Whether negotiating deals, seeking advice, or sharing confidential information, private one-on-one chats with konnections ensure that all interactions remain private, secure, and conducive to building strong professional relationships. By integrating advanced communication tools and a user-friendly interface, BeeKonnected empowers its users to network more effectively and achieve their professional objectives.

Discover the BeeKonnected difference for yourself. Sign up for a free account and connect with thousands of like-minded professionals today.

Written by Debbie Prediger, Certified BeeKonnected Coach

Elevate Your Brand With BeeKonnected’s Premium Live Shows

Transform how you connect and grow your audience with BeeKonnected’s Premium Live Shows. This unique feature empowers professionals to host engaging, monetizable events, making it a pivotal tool for anyone looking to enhance their online presence and business success.

Why Beekonnected?

  • Global Reach: Instantly connect with a diverse, international audience eager for your content.

  • Engagement: Foster genuine relationships through interactive and immersive live experiences.

  • Monetization: Seamlessly monetize your expertise, turning live events into profitable ventures.

Simplify Your Live Show Experience

Hosting live shows on BeeKonnected is straightforward. Plan engaging content, promote your event using BeeKonnected’s networking tools, and interact live to build a loyal community. Post-event, leverage follow-ups to maximize retention and growth.

Don’t miss the opportunity to leverage BeeKonnected’s platform for your next premium live show. Start creating, engaging, and monetizing your expertise today.

Discover the BeeKonnected difference for yourself. Sign up for a free account and connect with thousands of like-minded professionals today.

Written by Debbie Prediger, Certified BeeKonnected Coach

BeeKonnected Vs. LinkedIn: A Refreshing Perspective On Networking

Are you tired of receiving countless LinkedIn connection requests only to discover they're thinly veiled sales pitches? If you've been on LinkedIn for as long as I have, you likely know the feeling all too well. It's time to explore a more genuine and effective networking platform – BeeKonnected.

As a seasoned professional who has been active on LinkedIn for two decades, I’ve seen it all. The overwhelming number of underhanded connection requests seems never-ending. Messages like, "Your name came up when I was searching my inbox," or "I'm looking to branch out overseas; would you like to connect?" have become all too common. These approaches have trained me to be wary, in the same respect as ignoring a call labeled "SPAM THREAT" on caller ID.

Then, there are difficulties in initiating contact. LinkedIn has become a battleground where breaking through the noise is increasingly difficult. Everyone has become wary of opening the floodgates, fearing more solicitation messages than meaningful connections.

Enter BeeKonnected – a breath of fresh air in the world of professional networking. Unlike LinkedIn, BeeKonnected allows you to foster authentic connections through its Konnection Generator, bringing together like-minded individuals ready to collaborate authentically. What sets BeeKonnected apart is its emphasis on accountability – those who abuse their access are removed, creating a community where trust and integrity thrive.

The BeeKonnected community isn't just about transactions; it's about building meaningful relationships that drive growth and success. With a spirit of teamwork and partnership at its core, BeeKonnected allows for constructive exchanges and mutual support, which creates a rewarding experience for networking once again. Why stick to the status quo when you finally have a better option, one where you can join a thriving community that values authenticity and collaboration? I invite you to experience the difference for yourself. 

Sign up for a free account and connect with thousands of like-minded professionals today. It's time to connect with purpose—it’s time to Konnect with BeeKonnected.

Written by Cheryl Roberts, B2B Marketing Executive

Unveiling the Power of BeeKonnected: Your All-in-One Business Scaling Solution

Revolutionize Your Networking, Collaboration, and Growth Efforts with the Ultimate Virtual Platform.

In the bustling world of business, where connections and collaborations are the lifeblood of growth, finding the right platform to anchor your endeavors can make all the difference. Enter BeeKonnected, a revolutionary platform that is reshaping the landscape of virtual networking and business expansion. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just dipping your toes into the world of business, BeeKonnected offers a suite of features designed to propel your ventures to new heights.

Imagine your business as a towering skyscraper, reaching for the sky with ambition and vision. Just as every skyscraper needs a solid foundation to stand tall and resilient against the elements, every business needs a reliable platform to support its growth journey. BeeKonnected serves as this foundation, providing the sturdy framework for building your empire.

At its core, BeeKonnected is like an onion, with layers of functionality waiting to be explored. On the surface, it presents a sleek and intuitive virtual platform that facilitates genuine connections and meaningful engagements with your audience. Whether you’re hosting webinars, conducting virtual meetings, or engaging in one-on-one conversations, BeeKonnected offers a seamless customer journey that leaves a lasting impression.

But the true power of BeeKonnected lies beneath the surface, where business owners converge to connect, collaborate, and thrive together. Here, you’ll find a dynamic ecosystem of like-minded individuals, each bringing their unique talents and perspectives to the table. It’s like combining the best features of Facebook, LinkedIn, Zoom, and advertising platforms into one cohesive platform, streamlining your workflow and maximizing your impact. Gone are the days of juggling multiple virtual platforms to manage your business operations. 

With BeeKonnected, everything you need is at your fingertips. From networking and lead generation to marketing and advertising, BeeKonnected replaces outdated tools and platforms with its comprehensive suite of features. By consolidating your virtual presence on BeeKonnected, you save time and money and unlock new opportunities for growth and expansion. Imagine connecting with potential clients and partners from around the globe, all within a single platform. With BeeKonnected, the possibilities are limitless.

So, whether you’re a new user exploring the potential of BeeKonnected or a
seasoned business owner looking to streamline your operations, now is the time to embrace the future of networking and scale your business to new heights. Bee seen, Bee heard, Bee found – with BeeKonnected, the world is yours to conquer.

Discover the BeeKonnected difference for yourself. Sign up for a free account and connect with thousands of like-minded professionals today.

Written by Joanne Brooks, BeeKonnected Member

Crafting a Killer Profile on BeeKonnected: Stand Out and Succeed

In today’s digital age, creating a standout online presence is more crucial than ever.BeeKonnected is your go-to entrepreneur platform, offering advanced features to connect with clients like never before. But how do you ensure your profile catches the eye in a sea of digital noise? This step-by-step article will outline how to craft a profile that gets noticed and becomes a magnet for connections and opportunities.

The Foundation: Your Profile Name and Imagery

Profile Name:
This is the first impression. Your name should resonate with your professional identity and be easily searchable.

  • Profile Imagery: High-quality, professional images are essential. Your main profile picture should be 700 x 500 in .png format, while the cover image should be 1400 x 400 in .jpg format. Keep it simple yet captivating.

  • The Core Profile Details: Your profile details tell your story. Highlight who you are and what you do clearly and concisely.

    •  Include:

      • Your industry to attract relevant connections.

      • Social handles to provide more pathways for engagement.

      • Business profile details to showcase your professional landscape.

Engagement: Maximising BeeKonnected’s Features

Engagement is the heart of connectivity. BeeKonnected offers various features to promote your profile:

  • Join Groups: Be part of communities that align with your interests and industry.

  • Konnect Directly: Don’t hesitate to reach out to others. Direct connections can open up new opportunities.

  • Chat and Post: Stay active. Regular posts and interactions keep your profile visible and engaging.

  • Promote: Utilize BeeKonnected’s tools to highlight your profile to a broader audience.

Why BeeKonnected?

BeeKonnected isn’t just another digital platform; it’s a revolution in connectivity. It empowers you to Be seen, Be heard, and Be found. With its cutting-edge features tailored for growth and monetization, BeeKonnected amplifies your visibility and impact, transforming how you connect with clients.

Taking Action: Your Next Steps

Crafting a killer profile is just the beginning. Allocate time to prepare your content thoughtfully, utilize design tools like Canva to create compelling visuals, upload your content, and start connecting.

The journey to standing out on BeeKonnected is paved with intention, creativity, and engagement. By following these expert tips from Joanne, you’re not just building a profile; you’re crafting a portal to endless opportunities. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting, BeeKonnected offers the tools and community to elevate your digital presence and succeed.

Ready to transform your BeeKonnected profile into a beacon of opportunities? It’s time to unlock the possibilities together. Sign up for a free account and connect with thousands of like-minded professionals today.

Written by Joanne Brooks, BeeKonnected Member

Elevate Your Virtual Presence With BeeKonnected

In today’s rapidly evolving digital world, standing out and making genuine connections online has become more crucial than ever. BeeKonnected is at the forefront of this transformation, offering unparalleled features that allow users, including podcasters and online coaches, to simplify, connect, and succeed. This blog post will explain how to master the BeeVirtual Room, a feature that promises to elevate your virtual presence and ensure your meetings captivate and convert.

Elevate Your Virtual Presence with BeeKonnected

Are you tired of virtual meetings that feel like shouting into the void? Follow this step-by-step process to craft an impactful virtual space on BeeVirtualthat’s customized and engaging to your potential customers. 

Step 1: Personalise Your Space

Your virtual room’s name is the first thing people notice. Choose a name that reflects your mission and captures attention. Next, dive into personalizing your BeeVirtual Room with imagery that speaks volumes, and your virtual room becomes a visually appealing space that invites engagement. 

Recommended Settings: 

Files: .png, .jpg

Size: 700 x 500

Backgrounds: 1980x1080

Step 2: Engage with Purpose

Engagement is key in the digital realm. BeeKonnected’s BeeVirtual room offers customized call-to-action (CTA) buttons that allow for a tailored experience. Whether you’re on the Free, Pro, or Platinum plan, utilize these buttons to guide your audience towards meaningful actions such as joining webinars, booking consultations, or planning an exit strategy.

Step 3: Simplify Connectivity

Finally, the essence of BeeKonnected - simplifying the way we connect. With easy-to-follow steps for setting up your BeeVirtual Room, integrating immersive backgrounds, and scheduling, BeeKonnected ensures your virtual presence is not just seen but felt. By dedicating just 30 minutes to setting up your room and grabbing the provided Canva links for designing and promoting your room, you’re set to host virtual meetings that draw attention and drive results.

Why BeeKonnected?

BeeKonnected transcends traditional online networking by providing a platform that’s designed not just for connectivity but for growth. Its cutting-edge features, like the BeeVirtual Room, are crafted to enhance your online presence, making every virtual meeting an opportunity to impress, engage, and convert.

In conclusion, transforming your virtual meetings from mundane to remarkable is within reach with BeeKonnected. By leveraging the power of the BeeVirtual Room, you’re not just hosting meetings; you’re creating experiences. Experiences that resonate, convert, and ultimately succeed.

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Written by Joanne Brooks, BeeKonnected Member

Unlocking BeeKonnected: Discover The Potential With CTA Buttons

In the dynamic digital landscape, standing out is key. Enter BeeKonnected—a platform that not only simplifies how you connect with clients and prospects but also empowers you to succeed in ways you never imagined. With the most advanced technology at your fingertips, BeeKonnected introduces a game-changer for hosts, podcasters, and online coaches: the Live CTA Buttons.

Unlocking Potential with CTA Buttons:

Picture this: You’re hosting a webinar, and your audience is captivated. They’re ready to take action, whether joining your community, booking a consultation, or signing up for an event. This is where the magic of CTA buttons shines. These aren’t just buttons; they’re your most powerful engagement tool, designed to turn interest into action instantly.

Setting Up for Success:

How do you set up your CTA buttons? BeeKonnected makes it a breeze. Whether granted one free button or opt for three with a paid subscription, these buttons can link to any URL from web pages, YouTube videos, audio files, calendars, and more. Imagine directing your audience precisely where you want them to go, seamlessly integrating your offerings into your events.

Design That Engages:

Your buttons should scream “click me,” and with BeeKonnected, you have the tools to create visually appealing CTAs. Clear images, unmistakable calls to action, and direct links make for a button that not only looks great but performs brilliantly. Remember, a great button connects directly to your audience, making every click a step closer to your goals.

Maximising Engagement:

Are you wondering how to stand out? It’s all in the presentation and strategic placement of your buttons. With BeeKonnected, you can customize the appearance and message of your CTAs, ensuring they align with your brand and the purpose of your meeting. This customization capability means your buttons can be as unique as your business, enabling you to capture attention and encourage participation like never before.

Taking Action:

Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge, what’s next? It’s time to put it into action. Carve out some time, harness the power of tools like Canva for design, and prepare your buttons. Upload them to BEEKonnected and watch as your virtual engagement transforms. Your CTAs are not just buttons but the bridge between interest and action, engagement, and success.

BeeKonnected’s Live CTA Buttons are not just a feature but a revolution in virtual engagement. By simplifying connections and empowering users to succeed, these buttons are your secret weapon in the digital world. So, why wait? Unlock the full potential of your online presence with BeeKonnected, and watch as your success unfolds.

BeeKonnected is more than a platform; it’s your partner in success. With features like live CTA buttons, you’re not just connecting; you’re engaging on a level that transforms prospects into participants and viewers into clients. Embrace the future of virtual engagement today and BeeKonnected to a world of possibilities.

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Written by Joanne Brooks, BeeKonnected Member

Inside BeeKonnected: Member Public Profiles

Make a profile unique for you!


As a social media user, you want to be seen and have a personal profile page showcasing what makes your business unique. The question is, WHAT do you want it to show? What do you want to be seen as? On professional platforms, the balance between the personal and the professional makes the complete picture of you.


BeeKonnected has made it easy to be seen as the businessperson you want to be seen as, making an impact with a personal banner and professional photo. When another user comes to your page, they will see everything about your business all in one place. It includes a bio, essential business information, pictures, videos, posts, shows, ratings, premium courses, and other offers. Having this information all in one place makes it easy for potential clients and collaborators to understand everything about you. They can even purchase your paid courses and groups from your page.

As a user, this profile is also where you can update your private personal information, such as billing addresses and current cards on file. That way, you don’t have to move around to different places while being confident that your private information is not visible to others. You just have complete control of your information, all in one place. 


Discover the BeeKonnected difference for yourself. Sign up for a free account and connect with thousands of like-minded professionals today. Once you sign up, go to the “You” tab and make your stellar profile!

Written by Dr Annika Sorensen, BeeKonnected Member

Inside BeeKonnected: Experience the Dynamic Group Feed

In BeeKonnected, the “Group Feed” isn't just another social space—it's the beating heart of our vibrant community. Here, the entrepreneurs meet to connect, collaborate, learn, and celebrate success.  

Picture this: a bustling digital marketplace where ideas flow freely among BeeKonnected members, especially within groups with leaders the members can follow and engage with. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, the Group Feed is your go-to destination for inspiration, advice, and networking opportunities. 

The Group Feed is dynamic and supportive of our free members and those who have upgraded. Everyone can participate in public group feeds, which offer resource sharing, thought-provoking discussions, and interaction with potential new partners. 


BeeKonnected’s AI-driven Konnection Generator has made it easier than ever to follow up with like-minded individuals and potential collaborators. But it's not just about business here. The Group Feed is a space to get to know people and build that sense of community that’s often missing in our distracted and detached world. 

BeeKonnected is committed to creating a global community. So, whether you're looking to expand your network, gain valuable insights, or simply connect with fellow entrepreneurs on a deeper level, dive into the Group Feed and experience the magic of the BeeKonnected community firsthand.

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Written by Pattie Craumer, Founder / Owner, The Mosaic Effect 

Unlock Key Features In Your Free BeeKonnected Membership

Want to know how to get the most out of your BeeKonnected free account? Learn about the key features of this powerful platform, and start elevating your business today. 

60 Minutes of Free Video Conference Time: 

Take advantage of BeeKonnected's free video conferencing feature to connect with others, host meetings, and raise awareness of your work. Whether for networking, collaboration, or brainstorming sessions, your 60 minutes of free conference time allows you to build meaningful relationships and explore potential opportunities. You will only get cut off after you have hosted a quality one-hour meeting. 

Access to Public Groups and Contribution: 

Engage with BeeKonnected's vibrant community by joining public groups relevant to your interests and industry. Share your knowledge, ask questions, and participate in discussions to connect with fellow entrepreneurs and expand your network. There is no limit to how many public groups you can join. 

Post on the Feed: 

Post on the feed as often as you like to highlight your stage, message, and interests with the BeeKonnected community. Whether it's a business milestone, a valuable resource, or a thought-provoking question, your contributions help foster a supportive and collaborative environment. Not only will you be easily seen, but you will also have the chance to connect directly on the platform with other like-minded professionals. 

Access to Konnection Generator:

Utilize BeeKonnected's Konnection Generator to discover potential collaborators, mentors, or clients. With access to this powerful tool, you can find individuals excited to collaborate and explore new growth opportunities.

By leveraging these critical features of your BeeKonnected Free Membership, you can access many new networking, learning, and professional development channels. 

Discover the BeeKonnected difference for yourself. Sign up for a free account and connect with thousands of like-minded professionals today.

Written by Pattie Craumer, Founder / Owner of The Mosaic Effect

BeeKonnected Vs. YouTube Live: Which Platform Reigns Supreme for Shows and Replays?

Are you torn between choosing YouTube or BeeKonnected Live to host your shows and replays? Let’s cut to the chase and explore the key differences between these platforms to help you make an informed decision. Whether you’re a content creator, digital marketing expert, or entrepreneur, understanding these distinctions is crucial for maximizing engagement and reaching your audience effectively.

 Audience Interaction:

  • YouTube: Limited interaction with viewers during live streams, primarily through comments.

  • BeeKonnected Live: Offers real-time engagement features, including clickable call-to-action buttons, live comments, and direct messaging, fostering a deeper connection with your audience.


  •  YouTube: Relies on algorithms for visibility, making it challenging for new creators to stand out.

  •  BeeKonnected Live: Prioritizes community-driven discovery, allowing users to explore content based on interests and connections within the platform.

Monetization Options:

  • YouTube: Offers ad revenue sharing, sponsorships, and memberships, but competition is stiff.

  • BeeKonnected Live: Provides opportunities for direct monetization through virtual tipping, paid events, exclusive content subscriptions, and affiliate income, empowering creators to earn more from their broadcasts.

Content Control:

  • YouTube: Subject to strict content policies and potential demonetization, limiting creative freedom.

  •  BeeKonnected Live: Provides a more flexible environment for creators to showcase their content without worrying about censorship or arbitrary algorithm changes.

When it comes to hosting live shows and replays, BeeKonnected Live emerges as the superior choice, offering enhanced audience interaction, improved discoverability, diverse monetization options, and greater content control.

Are you ready to elevate your business broadcasting experience? Sign up for BeeKonnected today and unlock a world of possibilities for engaging with your audience like never before.

Written by Angela Maw, BeeKonnected Member

BeeKonnected vs. Zoom: Comparing The Features Of These Virtual Meeting Platforms

Before Zoom, when Skype became a household name, I bartended in the late aughts to early teens, with no teleconferencing involved. It wasn’t until 2012, when I started my journey of being a health and wellness coach and entrepreneur, that I became aware of video conferencing, group calls, and webinars. I was still using a flip phone with a QWERTY keyboard, resisting the shift to a smartphone. I used Skype a handful of times but found it awkward. I wanted a Judy Jetson mask! 

In 2015, I attended my first Zoom group call. At the time, it felt so innovative and fresh. At four years old, the platform already had 40 million users. 

At that time, I was doing private and small group coaching, and their free plan worked great for my needs! I had 40 minutes for groups and unlimited 1:1 calls. My private practice benefited from the free platform, but I was trading time for money. My 30-minute group coaching sessions often went over, getting cut off mid-breakthrough. How embarrassing! 

A few of my coaching colleagues invested in the paid Zoom version, with unlimited duration, only to have their meetings cut off early. That left a bad taste in my mouth. I used my free version for 1:1 calls, wishing an alternative existed. Then, in March 2020, it seemed Zoom entered everyone’s hearts and homes. My disdain shifted to gratitude for a way to connect when we couldn’t meet physically. 

At the end of the year, I resumed coaching, investing in the platform for my group and private sessions. It worked, but not without its setbacks. I couldn’t let anyone else use my account, and the meeting links constantly changed their long URLs for each meeting. I was a coaching team member, yet I had to start every meeting since others could not use my credentials. In one circumstance, another coach had to start a meeting using his own paid account after an emergency. This meant sending a new link to participants in several places just to make sure everyone knew of the change. Several missed the call. Not to mention, even as a paid member, Zoom doesn’t offer much storage. Record multiple calls per week? Expect to download often.

In 2023, a friend introduced me to BeeKonnected. What a breath of fresh air! After joining the platform, I discovered that BeeKonnected is the best of Zoom, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and Kajabi, all rolled into one platform. The star of the show is the video conferencing platform. For starters, there’s one simple link to my virtual conference room, where I hold many 1:1 and group calls. With a couple of clicks, I can change my meeting room into a webinar, where attendees are hidden, and with another click, I can open the floor for questions and interactions with attendees. I can record and live stream to multiple platforms at once.

I can also give others hosting privileges, ensuring someone can always start every meeting. In fact, we have a dedicated room connected to our group, where leaders have administrative access to the virtual meeting room, group content, and user interactions. BeeKonnected is on a quest to have all of your business solutions in one place. It’s great for coaches and only getting better, adding monetized premium content to the list of solutions. 

Discover the BeeKonnected difference for yourself. Sign up for a free account and connect with thousands of like-minded professionals today.

Written by Coleen Parsons, BeeKonnected Member

BeeKonnected vs. YouTube: A Platform Faceoff for Digital Networking and Content Sharing

In the digital age, platforms that facilitate networking and content sharing are pivotal for professionals and creators alike. BeeKonnected and YouTube stand out yet serve distinctly different purposes. This article delves into the unique features of BeeKonnected compared to YouTube, highlighting why BeeKonnected is the superior choice for specific goals.

Networking Focus:

BeeKonnected emerges as a networking powerhouse designed for entrepreneurs and business professionals. Its core offering is connecting like-minded individuals through a virtual business ecosystem. Users can build profiles, showcase their expertise, and directly network with potential partners or clients. While a giant in video content sharing, YouTube lacks this business-centric networking focus, primarily serving as a platform for public video consumption and entertainment.

Event Hosting and Training Tools:

BeeKonnected takes the lead with its integrated event hosting and training tools. Users can organize, promote, and host virtual events, webinars, and training sessions within the platform. This seamless integration of event management fosters community engagement and professional development. YouTube's live streaming service is more generic and lacks the specialized tools for event-specific engagement and follow-up features that BeeKonnected offers.

Privacy and Exclusivity:

Privacy is another domain where BeeKonnected excels. It provides a more controlled environment, allowing users to engage in confidential discussions and form private groups. YouTube's public nature means the content is mainly available to everyone, which can be less appealing for those seeking exclusive networking circles and private group interactions.

Monetization and Growth Opportunities:

BeeKonnected also presents unique monetization opportunities tailored to entrepreneurs and business growth. Through affiliate programs and membership tiers, users can leverage the platform not only for networking but also as a revenue stream. On the other hand, YouTube monetization is predominantly ad-revenue based and requires a substantial subscriber base and view count, making it less accessible for new creators.

While YouTube is the go-to for video content sharing and has a massive audience, BeeKonnected shines in its specialized features tailored for professional networking, event hosting, privacy, and business monetization. For those looking to build business connections, host industry events, and engage in a more private and exclusive setting, BeeKonnected offers a compelling alternative to YouTube's entertainment-focused platform.

Discover the BeeKonnected difference for yourself. Sign up for a free account and connect with thousands of like-minded professionals today.

Written By Eliza Boné, Certified BeeKonnected Coach 

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